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Stephen Jacobi: Is New Zealand too dependent on China as an export market?

Episode Summary

Stephen Jacobi on the importance of NZ's trade relationship with China, the risks to it, and opportunities to diversify to other countries

Episode Notes

China is far and away New Zealand's key export market. But this comes with risks.

China is an authoritarian one-party state. Its human rights record came under fire from the United Nations this week, and China's growing international assertiveness is seeing it butt heads with the United States and increase its influence in the South Pacific.

Against this backdrop, is it possible that NZ is too dependent on China as a destination for our exports? What are the risk to this relationship? And could we diversify by exporting more of our key products to other countries? 

To discuss this I am joined by Stephen Jacobi, Executive Director of the New Zealand International Business Forum, for the latest episode of's Of Interest Podcast.